Arkady Lamb

Arkady Lamb is prime lamb reared at Lynford Farms in partnership with David Hohnen of the Farm House at Margaret River. Lynford Farms is located on Wild Horse Creek in the headwaters of the Blackwood River near Williams in Western Australia.

Arkady Lamb is a unique South West product from a single farm, and a single flock ensuring a consistently high meat quality. A superb eating flavour and texture is achieved from a combination of slow maturing, pasture raised lambs exposed to salt rich grazing country.

The lambs are born and raised in open high rainfall paddocks sheltered by large stands of natural Jarrah timber . When the lambs reach weaning age they are moved to paddocks of specially grown fodder to graze during spring and early summer. As these paddocks begin to dry over summer, the lambs are then able to graze green feed on large salt marsh basins adjoining the natural creek lines.

Arkady Lamb is MSA accredited and as part of this process Lynford Farms adopts  low stress stock handling practices to help produce tender well coloured cuts of prime lamb.

Poll Dorsett rams with elite meat quality genetics are mated to medium bodied Merino ewes specially bred at Lynford Farms for their meat and wool qualities to produce Arkady lamb.

Poll Dorsett is a well established British breed of superior meat quality sheep that don’t have horns. They are a stocky breed renowned for their large shoulder and rump muscle providing excellent eating attributes.

The Merino sheep at Lynford Farms have been raised through 5 decades of selection based on their medium frame size that suits the cooler wet climate of the property. They produce high quality fine wool and the ewes are selected for their dual purpose attributes of wool production and lamb rearing.

The slow maturing growth of the merino cross bred lambs helps the Arkady Lamb develop a natural flavoured meat. It is also believed that the salt enriched pasture on which they feed helps enhance the flavour and improve retention of moisture in the meat thereby improving its tenderness..

All rams and ewes used to produce Arkady Lamb are measured and selected for large eye muscle depth and leanness of carcase.

Once weaned from their mothers, the lambs are raised on pastures until they near optimal carcase size. They are then moved to smaller finishing paddocks where they are also able to access farm grown cereal grains. This increases their natural fat cover and enables Arkady Lamb to be finished to a consistent heavy weight before being ready for processing.

Lambs are then selected each week to be individually processed at a local abattoir. Prime lamb carcases are then separated into specialty cuts at our wholesale butcher before being distributed to premium food service outlets.

All our lambs are marked at birth with electronic ear tags which enables our lamb to be traced from birth to food service.  This paddock to plate traceability and the close relationship between farmer, butcher and artisan culminates as Arkady Lamb.